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What is Road to Life Ministries?
RTL is the ministry of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a vision of world evangelism and outreach
dedicated to exalting the name of Jesus and helping to spread the Gospel of Christ. It began with Christ Jesus and has
continued for over 2000 years. After following in the footsteps of those who have gone before us we found that there
was much work to be done. Nothing was as easy as it looked. After much study, (and slight mental fatigue),
everything that we had envisioned seemed so far from our reach. But thanks to a wonderful and loving God, there
was a plan already set in motion, and he had it. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "I know the plans I have for you." (NIV). We're
sure glad that someone knew. Shortly after we started listening to the party that called, (instead of doing all the
talking), the doors began to open. We've been at it ever since. It's been an uphill battle all the way, but he has been
there through it all.
It is our mission to continue the work of Christ as set forth in the Bible, and to fulfill the calling that He has so
generously placed upon us. Our goal is to inform others of the saving power of a risen and exalted Lord.
This site has been created for the soul purpose outlined above. It is our desire to offer Christians, and non-Christians a
place to come on the Internet where they can learn, be encouraged, and grow in the Lord. A place that is Biblically
based, and free of denominational factors.
This site is not about Road to life Ministries, it is about our Lord Jesus, and the fulfillment of the work He has already
done. We are just a name among the countless number of Christian Ministries in the world. None of which would be
possible without Him. God has blessed this ministry with continued growth from the very onset. We are looking
forward to the promised blessings of God as we continue to inform others of the amazing grace that abounds in Him.
As we endeavor to bring the message of hope to a troubled world we can only say, "Praise be to God for getting us
this far."
Our joy is still full and our God is still God.
Hmmmmm, that'll preach.
Hope you enjoy what God is doing here.

Although we welcome your comments, and would love to hear from you, let all praise be to the Lord Jesus.
Let us say thank you for taking the time to find out about us.

"Father we give you Praise for all that you are doing in the lives of those that visit here. We ask your continued
blessing for each and everyone. We ask that you fill their need, desire, and hope as they go forward in their walk with
you. Let your light shine before them, that they may not stumble, let your love touch the inner depths of their heart,
that they will know they are never alone, let your peace overcome them that they may be comforted, let your Spirit
consume them so that you become their passion.  Lord, you and you alone are aware of each ones individual need, we
ask that you will meet that need right now. Lord we ask, if there be one that is lost, or one that has gone astray, that
you will call them, and search them out, and bring them into the fold. Provide them with shelter, wisdom, knowledge,
and strength, according to your provision. And Lord, if there be any Praise, if there be any Glory, or if there be any
Honor, let it be yours. For you alone are worthy of these. Let us continually give thanks to you Lord, for hearing and
answering our prayers, for giving of yourself, and for allowing us the opportunity to come into your presence and
worship you.
Father, we ask all these things in the name of Jesus."          Amen
Jesus Is Lord !