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(Author Unknown)

Can you really see it
Yes, I really can
I see my Lord upon the Cross
Spikes driven through His hands

I feel the thunder rumble
I see the lighting crash
The veil in the temple tears
A priest no more I have to ask

He cries out to His Father
His face grimaces in pain
Now those that mocked and beat Him
Seem to feel their shame

It is finished, He spoke
His head drops to His Chest
His bones will not be broke
He is taken down and laid to rest

They wrap Him
They place Him in a tomb
The world seems filled with darkness
No happiness, only gloom

Three days go by
He's alive for all to see
No, No, it's a lie
Wasn't He nailed to a tree?

But He just shows His hands
and they know it must be true
Jesus Christ died that day
Just for me and you

Thousand of years later
Some mock and ridicule
They say it's a myth and laugh at me
They tell me I am a fool

But I know that He's alive and well
and I am waiting for that day
When all their heads will bow
And their lips will surely say

You are the Lord and Savior
The Beginning and the End
Now I wish with all my heart
I would have let You in!