It is written, on signs.

n  todays world so many different things are somewhat spelled out  for us. It stands to reason that we have
needed things spelled out for us, since the very beginning of creation. In some of the more populated areas, I guess
I should say cities, in the United States, you couldn't even get across the street safely, if there wasn't a pedestrian
crossing sign to make people aware of a crossing.
Signs have always been a part of natural life as we know it. However, it wasn't so in the very beginning. God did
not create a book and then people to read it. He created people first. After people were created, he just told them the
I've often wondered if God wrote it all down for the same reasons that we tend to write instructions down today. I
recall as a young child my Dad's temper during those troublesome times in my adolescence. He would say things
like, "Son, haven't I told you about that before?" and, "What do I have to do write it down for you?". When I think
about it today I can't help but think someone had already written it down. I just never read the signs.
Today we use signs for many different reasons. They are kind of like little instruction maps everywhere. Have you
ever noticed that words aren't enough anymore. If you want to eat, you look for a sign with some food on it. Oh
well, I guess it helps.
As we follow the little direction maps I can understand why God created the Bible. He knew that we were going to
need instructions if we were ever going to do things his way. I remember looking up to my dad and saying the first
two words that were imbedded in my brain, "I forgot". Makes you wonder doesn't it.
God, in his infinite wisdom, didn't leave us an excuse, at least not one that I can think of. He just went ahead and
wrote it down. God filled the Bible with so many little instructional signs that we actually need to make some signs
and stick them up, if we're ever going to remember them all. I've got one on my desk that says, "Remember to
Rest." Most of us, would read how God created the world and everything in it, and miss the sign at the end. I
know I did for years. I wonder how many more signs I have overlooked in his word.
Doesn't it seem pretty peculiar that we can follow the signs that we have put up and achieve an end result, yet we
ignore the signs that God has placed in our lives and miss out on a greater end result? I guess it comes down to
who wants the gold, who wants the silver, who wants the bronze, and who just wants to run in the race. I mean, if
every one were to put forth the effort to learn all the signs that God created, wouldn't this world be a better place?
Sure it would. There are good honest, dependable, caring, loving people in the world today that would never do
anything wrong. By mans statutes. If they had a sign to follow, maybe they would learn and obey it as well.
I don't know how it is in other country's, but here in America if you haven't memorized a certain number of signs,
you can't get a drivers license to operate a motor vehicle. Have you ever thought about trying to get a license to
live? How many signs could you identify? Well, let's see now, there's the one I told you about earlier. Then there's
the ten commandments, of course most people can only remember seven of them. Then there is probably another
five that you could pull out of your hat, just from remembering what the preacher said last Sunday morning.
What was it that Jesus said to the Pharisees? Oh yeah, he said that they could discern the seasons, but not the sign
of the times. More or less. Well, aren't we coming close to that same problem today? People can discern where
McDonalds is located, but miss the sign to the church. Maybe we should put a sign out in front of McDonalds that
says, "Church Next Door." That will make it easier......for them to find McDonalds, cause it's next to the church.
OK, so maybe that's not the answer. I think that maybe,the answer is becoming the sign yourself. Let's all try that
and see how it turns out. Oh one more thing before I go. Have you ever wondered where we would be today if
God had of put a sign in front of that tree, that read, "DO NOT EAT OF THIS TREE, LEST YOU DIE!!". After
much contemplation, I think we would still be right here where we are today. Because Eve couldn't read.

                                                           Be Blessed,
Brother John

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