Which road are you on?

here are many roads that we travel today. Sometimes we get so carried away by all the sight seeing that we do, that
we forget to check the road that we are on for obstacles. There are always going to be obstacles on the road no matter
which one we are traveling on. Let's try to understand the mechanics of the problem. An unforeseen pothole in our
path could cost us an alignment. A sharp piece of debris could cause a flat tire, or even an accident, (depending upon
the rate of deflation). If we get in to big of a hurry, we can always depend upon the unnoticeable law enforcement to
correct us, with a loud siren, flashing lights, and usually putting a cramp in our shopping spree.
Have you ever been out driving and gotten lost? Or maybe you never reached your destination because you couldn't
find what you were looking for. Have you ever discovered that after such an occasion that you were on the wrong
road all along? Maybe there was a distraction along the way, or some formidable object that kept you from getting
there. Well, you are not alone by any means. Many of us have been there and done that.
Even the most focused person is going to encounter an unexpected obstacle in their travels from time to time.
The point of this article, however, does not revolve around your driving skills. It's not about how well you handle
yourself when obstacles appear either. It's about knowing which road you are on.
Let me explain.  There are only two roads to choose from in life. Those two roads are the ones we travel day after
day. Although they appear as one road in our physical perception, they lead to two distinct and different places. One is
a road to life, the other is a road to death. Here's a story from the Bible to help further explain what I am saying.
Luke 10:30 we come to understand that a man was traveling along a road. I am sure that he did not suspect that
there would be such a great obstacle upon it that particular day. Otherwise, just like us, he would have found another
way to go. Anyway, He encountered some thieves. He was then beaten, robbed, stripped of all his clothes, and left to
I can't imagine what he may have been thinking as he lie there contemplating his situation. Maybe he was praying, or
just waiting for death to com
e. Whatever his thoughts were, I'm sure that he must have considered that he was on the
wrong road.
The story goes on to tell us about another man who was traveling on the same road that day. This man came upon the
one who was injured and had compassion on him. The story concludes by telling us that he took the battered individual
to a place of comfort, where he could regain his strength and recover from his experience.
As I contemplate that story, I can see that the road that he suffered upon was actually the road to life. I am sure that
he had wished at one time or another during this trial, that he had taken a different road. But if he had, would he have
survived? The man whose help he received would not have been on another road.
There is always more to consider than what we can perceive with our limited physical capabilities. So the next time
you find yourself changing a flat tire in your life, think of this story, and know that God made it possible for you to
recover from your situation. After all, he gave us this example in his word, to let us know which road he would have
us to travel.
So, I ask you again, Which road are you on?

                                                   May God Bless You Always,
 Brother John

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