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Jesus Is Lord !
Reviving Our Youth

I believe that revival is one of the key essentials in the Church today. In a world where so many Christians have
become satisfied and complacent revival is a necessity. Now, I'm not referring to a planned event designed to
boost church attendance. I'm referring to true revival. A fresh anointing of God's Spirit poured out from Heaven
at the request of His saints on Earth. I believe that there are Christians seeking and praying for both personal and
corporate revival, while many more fall by the wayside because of their lack of expectations. Statistics show that
our children are among a large percentage of people who fall by the wayside.

In his book, The Bridger Generation, Thom S. Rainer gives us some statistics. It says that 65 percent of the
Builder Generation (Americans born between 1910-1946) are evangelical Christians. 35 percent of the Boomer
Generation (Americans born between 1947-1964) are evangelical Christians. 15 percent of the Buster Generation
(Americans born between 1965-1976) are evangelical Christians. His book goes on to say that only a projected 4
percent of the Bridger generation, that is Americans born after 1977 are or will be
evangelical Christians. Other studies show that 80 percent of those who come to know Jesus as their personal
Lord and savior do so before they reach the age of 21. That is why it is so important for us to start focusing on
our youth now.

In this revival season we sometimes unintentionally leave our youth out of the loop. We plan church and
community wide revivals without realizing the lack of young people in our meetings. I would like to encourage
you to involve your youth when planning your next revival. After all, it is a Church-wide revival. I believe that this
younger generation is ripe and ready for the harvest. They just need to be "included".

Road to Life Ministries recently held a youth revival in upstate South Carolina. God blessed us with three nights of
praise, worship, and revival, and over 25 new souls were won for Christ and many more were revived. Not only
were there teens saved and revived, but many of the parents and other family members gave their hearts to Jesus
for the first time. I preached this revival while my father led praise and worship, trying to create an atmosphere
that would allow these teenagers to open up and worship in their own way. We worked hard putting it all
together, but in the end it all came down to waiting on God.

His Spirit tore through these services moving sinners to repentance and believers to revival and renewal. Seeds
were planted and lives were changed. Some of the teens attending received a call to ministry while others received
the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The gifts and fruit have been made manifest in their lives and we give God all the
glory. While watching God's plan unfold in these services I began to reminisce about the great Welsh revival of
1904, and how God used a twenty six year old youth intern, Evan Roberts, to bring revival to a whole nation. I've
heard that it all started in a service of only 17 people who were mostly teens and young adults.

I believe that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that a mighty move of God could sweep through
our nation today much like it did back then. It could start in your church, or mine, but whatever the case may be,
I firmly believe that we need to be in one mind and one accord before it will take place. Let's agree together and
partner in prayer for the youth in our nation. Let's put our stock in God and secure the future of this great nation.

                                             Rev. John R. Butler, Jr.