Peter, A Fisher Of Men.

ut of all the characters mentioned in the new testament, Peter was probably the most unusual of them all. A
fisherman by trade, and a roughian by nature, he is the most beloved of the original twelve disciples of Christ, in the
Christian world today. I assume his popularity is because he reminds us so much of ourselves. He wanted to do so
good, so bad, that he didn't stop to think about what he was doing most of the time. I can surely relate to that.
Peter was from Bethsaida, as was his brother Andrew, and also Philip. He was out fishing the day after Jesus
Baptism, when his brother Andrew told him they had found the Messiah. We can only imagine what was going
through Peter's mind as he went to see what his brother was talking about. When Jesus saw him he told him who
he was. This had to puzzle Peter. It would puzzle me if someone came up to me and told me my name and my
fathers name. The next day Jesus went into Galilee. So did Peter. Somewhere inside of him he knew Jesus was
special. Still he has said nothing to be mentioned in the scriptures. Like a true baby Christian, he was watching,
listening, and learning.
Now the third day, Jesus attended the marriage in Cana, and as the wine ran out, his mother told him to take care
of the matter. He did.
John 2:11 says, "This was the beginning of miracles, and his disciples believed on him."
Now Peter had proof. Some of us are still looking for proof. From the day he was called he never left Jesus. He
knew that very first day, his place was with Christ. The world would be so much better off if we all new our place.
Peter followed Jesus no matter where he went. He loved the Lord greatly. He is our example that sometimes human
instincts just come right out. Like in
Luke 9:33, when he wanted to build tabernacles for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah,
on the mount of transfiguration. The bible says that he didn't know what he was saying. How many times have we
slipped up, not knowing what we were saying. How about when he walked on the water with Jesus. Most of us
wouldn't even get out of the boat. What most people don't consider is that after Jesus rescued him from sinking, it
was then that he walked on the water without doubting. We have all been rescued, but, we still on occasion doubt.
Peter became a learned man, but we are still looking for a sign.
How about when Jesus asked him in
Luke 9:20, "Who do you say that I am?" Peter knew who Jesus was! We,
have all the records of his miracles, all the written word of God, and we still can't comprehend who he is. Even
when Peter knew who he was, he still made human mistakes. Like when he cut of Malchus ear in the garden, when
they came to arrest Jesus.
As we go over Peter's life in the scriptures, we ask the question, won't he ever learn. But just like him, we have to
ask that same question to ourselves everyday.
We know that Peter did learn, and he went on to be a great vessel of Christ. Though it isn't written in the bible, the
history books reveal Peter's fate to us. During the reign of Nero, shortly after the burning of Rome, there was a
great persecution of Christians. They had been accused by Nero for the fire. Peter was in Rome ministering Gods
word. Many begged him to leave, however, he never left. He was crucified upon the cross just as Christ. The only
difference was that he was inverted, at his request, saying that he was not worthy of the same manner of death as
his Lord.
Peter fulfilled his earthly duty that day. We can learn a lot from his example. He gave all he had to help us
understand our Lord, his love and his longing for us. Have you told someone about Jesus today?
There's a story that goes with Peter's death. It is said that Peter was leaving the city, at the request of the Christians
who were being persecuted under Nero. And as he reached the gate he passed Jesus coming in. He inquired of the
Lord saying, "Lord where are you going?" Jesus replied, " I am come again to be crucified." Then Peter understood
the sufferings of Christ and returned to the city, to face his demise.
Although it is probably only an urban legend, it sure makes you think about just how much like Peter we actually

                                                   May God Bless You Always,
Brother John

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