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Jesus Is Lord !

Are you doing your part? Are you fulfilling the work that Christ has called you to? Many of us find ourselves feeling
insignificant in our duties for Christ. Some of us keep the grounds for the church, or clean the sanctuary before the
services. Some may only be on the volunteer list. Simply doing special duties for the church when called upon. The
rest of the time we find that we are merely sitting on the bench. Some may not do anything other than attend services.
It is an easy thing to feel insignificant. Especially if you have no particular talent. Such as preaching, teaching, singing,
or playing an instrument. If you have ever felt like your part doesn't really count, let me say this, God has not called
anyone to an insignificant place in His kingdom. Everyone counts to Christ. From the youngest to the eldest, from the
laymen to the apostles, from the unlearned to the scholars. Even the lost of the world count to God, that is why He
sent Jesus, to be a sacrifice for remission of sin, that none should perish.
(John 3:16; Matthew 26:28)
Insignificance is always thought up in our own minds. We all want to do more for Christ. We all wish we could Are all
prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles?" (
1Cor:12:29) God has called each of us to play a very
specific role in His ministry. And no matter what we may think, or how we may feel, insignificance is never a part of
that role.
Lets see what I am talking about. In the Bible you will find books by the major prophets and the minor prophets. Now
this is mans labeling, not Gods. I ask you this, are the minor prophets any less major to God. No. They wrote what
God intended, and fulfilled His will and purpose in their lives. Hosea's book of only 2 chapters, is just as important for
us to know, as Isaiah's book of 66 chapters.
Rom:8:28 tells us, "And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."
This one scripture should tell us that our role is just as important as anyone else's. Sometimes we esteem one role
above the other but that is not what God is saying here. Is the singer any more important than the musician? Is the
Sunday school teacher any less important than the preacher? No. God says, "All things work together". It is imperative
that each role is fulfilled in order for the next role to have an impact on the lives around us.
Suppose you are the cleaning person of your church, how many person would attend services in a filthy church? I
suppose not very many. Therefore if your part in Gods ministry is met, others will come and hear the word of God.
So in effect, you have impacted the circumstances of growth in your church.
Let's look at Moses, Aaron, and Joshua for a second. Moses was the emissary of God, Aaron was the mouth piece,
and Joshua was the layperson. (
Exodus) Each fulfilled their specific calling in their roles. Moses was called to lead
Gods people to the promised land, but as we read the final chapters of Deuteronomy, we find that he has gone on to
be with the Lord. But, because he fulfilled his role, we see that Joshua has now become the leader. What an impact
Moses and Aaron had on Joshua's life.
Maybe you don't do anything other than attend services. Then your role is to grow and love. God uses all of us to love
others, that He may express His love for them through us. So, do not despair, or feel insignificant, God has a specific
place for you at this time in your life, and you are a treasure to Him. Maybe today your role is to love, but who knows,
tomorrow you may be the pastor.

                                                       Love in Christ,
 Brother John