The Apostles

ave you ever wondered what happened to the Apostles? Those mighty men of God, who walked and talked with
our Lord Jesus, who heard the teachings, (that we read), with their own ears and hearts, who overcame their own
faults and desires to fulfill Gods request of servitude in their lives? I have. I'm sure that some of you have too. Even
if you've never wondered, I believe that you will find the following information interesting.

James, the son of Zebedee, was beheaded about 44 A.D. He was ordered slain by Herod Agrippa.

Phillip was scourged, thrown in prison, and later crucified in Phrygia in 54 A.D.

Matthew was slain with a halberd in Nadabah in 60 A.D.   (A halberd is a combination of a spear and a battle ax.)

James, the half brother of Jesus, was beaten and stoned by the Jews and finally had his brains dashed out with a
fuller's club. He was 94 years old.

Matthias, who filled the place of Judas Iscariot, was stoned at Jerusalem and then beheaded.

Andrew, Peter's brother was crucified at Edessa on a cross shaped like a letter X.

Peter was crucified upside down at his own request, (stating that he was not worthy to die in the same position as
Jesus died), at Rome.

Jude, the brother of James, also called Thaddeus, was crucified at Edessa in 72 A.D.

Bartholomew was cruelly beaten and crucified in India.

Thomas, called Didymus, was thrust through with a spear in India.

Simon, surnamed Zelotes, was crucified in Britain in 74 A.D.

John was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil in Rome from which he was miraculously delivered. Afterwards he was
banished to the Isle of Patmos. Nerva, who succeeded Dometian, recalled him. He was the only Apostle to die a
natural death.

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