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Jesus Is Lord !
Read The Book!

General Patton was quoted to have yelled out on the battle field during an offencive attack against General
Rommel of the German Army with these words, "Rommel, I read your book." Patton was yelling out ,
trying to be heard over the artillery fire from the tanks under his command that was with him at the time.
He was trying to let Rommel know that he had read his book on infantry tactics and warfare. Patton stated
in his words that he knew what Rommel was going to do next because of his reading of the book which
Rommel had wrote.
The problem with the church today is that most Christians haven't read the book. God gave us a guide to
read that would teach us how to defeat Satan at every turn. II Timothy 3:16. It also teaches us to identify
the works of the devil so that we can spot an attack before the battle gets under way. Genesis 4:7. If we as
Christians know how to defeat Satan's work in our lives with the word of God, then there should not be
one of us here today in the midst of battle over any one thing. It is hard for us to be intercessors when we
are caught up in our own battle. How can we pray the prayer of faith for anyone, or stand in the gap for
them, if we are praying and standing for our ownselves?
Jesus never had a problem getting the devil to get behind him, so he was able to continue in the word of
God and walk in the annointing that had been placed upon him. Too many of us stop walking in that which
we are called to do, so that we can have a little time to fight with that which the devil is trying to get us
into. It is high time we start reading the word of God and using that which he has given us to be the
overcomers that he has called us to be. Romans 12:21.

                                                           Be Blessed,
 Brother John