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Jesus Is Lord !

The lost coin is a parable of a woman who is searching her house for a coin. The coin is a drachma, it was given to
her by her husband at the time of her wedding. It was a symbolism of her marriage to him, just as a wedding ring
is to us today. She had to wear the coin on a band around her head, along with nine others to let everyone who saw
her know that she was a married woman.
Jesus used this experience of the women of his day in the parable of the lost coin in Luke 15:8-10. He was trying to
explain that know matter how lost you may be, God will not give up on the search. You are valuable to God.
However, when we are lost we are of no value. The coin that the womsan was searching for was of no value to
her. It was lost. Without it she could not spend what she didn't have, nor could she wear it to show of her marriage.
Without Salvation we are lost. But God is still searching for us. When we come to know the Lord God as our
Savior and restorer, He rejoices just as the woman when she finds her coin. After she finds the coin then of course
the value of it has returned to her. So, we become valuable to God when we are found. Once we accept our
salvation then the Holy Spirit comes in and offers us leadership and guidance. Once we accept to follow him then
we too are valuable.

                                                                   Be Blessed,
Brother John